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Wellbound is a person and family-centered agency dedicated to providing a stronger standard of care for children and adults in the special needs community. We offer a vast array of integrative, multidisciplinary therapies to ensure maximum growth for individuals with special needs.

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More than a home care service, Wellbound is a person and family-centered agency dedicated to providing a stronger standard of care for children in the special needs community. We offer a vast array of integrative, multidisciplinary therapies to ensure maximum growth for individuals with special needs.

Below you will find frequently asked questions to us.

Wellbound Home Care is a Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA) providing non-waivered home-based services for pediatric patients. While a waivered service allows for services like Community Habilitation, Respite Services and Prevocational Services, Wellbound’s non-waivered service allows us to expand on those services to provide extensive individualized care for children who are diagnosed with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Our extended approved weekend hours and after-school hours allow our trained Home Health Aides to offer more comprehensive services and support during your child’s daily and after-school schedule, providing loving care and assisting with daily activities and household routines.
Although enrollment in Wellbound won’t affect your waivered services, our specialized services are best paired with goal-focused waivered services such as community habilitation.
Wellbound is affiliated with all Care Coordination Organizations that service NYC and Long Island. This allows us to help you transition to an intake coordinator at your desired Care Coordination Organization for waiver enrollment. Wellbound will also provide you with home care services while you await your waiver from the state.
Home Health Aides are HHA certified and trained to provide active clinical services in the comfort of their home to assist the individual with daily activities, such as bathing, toileting, diapering, etc. Respite Service is a state-approved service provided by the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Respite workers do not undergo any certifications or training, restricting them from providing the hands-guidance that Home Health Aides are trained to do.
Community Habilitation is an OPWDD waiver service that is goal-focused. This service targets teaching the individual tasks that enhance independence with daily living skills. Community Hab services are best when paired with Wellbound HHA services for a person-centered approach.
Your enrollment in Medicaid allows Wellbound to provide the proper care that your child is entitled to, at no cost to you. Special needs home care services are available for all children diagnosed with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities as a long-term entitlement, without regard for household income.
We encourage you to enroll in Medicaid so that we can provide longer hours of care. Our home care services are best utilized through Medicaid, where extended duration special needs services and entitlements are considered. Our Department of Patient Advocacy is here to assist and educate families on the benefits of Medicaid enrollment.
Our Patient Advocacy Department works hand in hand with our Intake Department to ensure that home care services are either supported by your commercial insurance or covered by Medicaid. We understand the restrictions that managed care plans put on your care services. Therefore, we have a team of staff in place to help properly transition from a managed care plan to Medicaid.
We love to place familiar faces in the homes of each individual! Refer your trusted workers to us so that your child can thrive under the care of someone they know well. We are glad to place your suggested Home Care Worker with your child, as long as the prospective Home Care Worker is HHA certified, at least 18 years old, does not reside with the individual, and is not the direct parent or guardian of the individual.
Wellbound Home Care in-home therapy services present no conflict with services provided by the Department of Education. Additionally, Wellbound can access the therapy services that are not being utilized by the individual’s school and provide these therapies in the comfort of the individual’s home. Because of this, we were able to provide therapy during COVID-19, utilizing all therapy services entitled to the child.
Wellbound is not an early intervention services provider. We do provide home care services and skills therapy services for babies and children who are diagnosed with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, such as Down Syndrome, autism and mental challenges and are covered by Medicaid.
Developmental disabilities are special conditions that may occur anytime from before a baby’s birth up until the age of 22. A developmental disability may take different forms. Developmental disabilities are different from “developmental delays” that show up as a lag in one or more areas of growth or skill. Developmental delays can be reduced by providing Early Intervention services and Special Education services, including special help in the classroom. A developmental disability may cause a child to develop more slowly, or to have physical difficulties and limitations, or have trouble learning and growing, and continues throughout the person’s life. Sometimes a person has more than one condition or disability that qualifies as a developmental disability.
For children between birth and eight years of age, the eligibility review requirements are the same as those for adults, although the qualifying condition requirement leaves room for flexibility. Sometimes children are given provisional eligibility for OPWDD supports or services.

Reaching Goals for Life-Long Success

At Wellbound, our therapists practice and encourage cognitive, interpersonal, mobility, self-care, and communication skills in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

With compassionate therapeutic approaches and a focus on dignified support, we encourage every individual with special needs to feel safe, secure, and happy in their home environment.

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