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Wellbound is a person and family-centered agency dedicated to providing a stronger standard of care for children and adults in the special needs community. We offer a vast array of integrative, multidisciplinary therapies to ensure maximum growth for individuals with special needs.

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Glossary of Terms for Special Needs

The special needs world can be confusing with its many unfamiliar terms. Wellbound Certified Home Health Agency is here to help you understand some terminology associated with special needs care.

ADLs are activities that are taught to special needs individuals to help them be independent in their environment. These activities include dressing, eating, and toileting, etc.
A Case Manager oversees individuals’ physical and mental wellness to ensure they are supported and can achieve the best outcomes. They work closely with physicians, nurses, mental health and other health care professionals, and family and friends of individuals.
A Care Coordination Organization is an entity formed by providers of developmental disability services. The CCO coordinates all the services an individual receives for their developmental disability and their health, wellness, and mental health services through one individualized care plan.
A CHHA provides what is commonly known as visiting nurse services, Home Health Aide services, medical supplies and physical, occupational and speech therapy in the home. A Certified Home Health Agency like Wellbound can offer more service hours covered under Medicaid.
Community Habilitation is a Medicaid-funded program operated under OPWDD. This program provides one-to-one training to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, enabling them to develop or enhance their skills to live more independently.
A home health aide cares for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, cognitive impairments, or age-related problems. The home health aide provides essential services that include administering medications, changing bandages, checking vital signs like temperature and pulse and respiration rates. Although a home health aide works independently, they are supervised by a medical professional, usually a registered nurse.
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities IDDs are disorders that are usually present at birth. These disorders cause individuals not to be able to perform the skills other individuals of the same age are typically able to perform.
An intake coordinator helps individuals and their families with registration for medical services. Wellbound’s intake coordinator will guide you through the process and be with you along every step of the way.
Respite Services is a state-approved service provided by OPWDD. It provides short-term and time-limited temporary care for children with special needs.
The New York State OPWDD is responsible for coordinating services for New Yorkers with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and other neurological impairments.
Occupational therapy is a treatment that helps strengthen fine motor skills. The occupational therapist helps the individual improve on everyday skills, allowing them to become more independent and participate in a wide range of activities. These activities include writing, cutting, shoe-tying, and using utensils.
Physical therapy is a treatment that helps improve gross motor skills. The physical therapist works with the individual to increase functional mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.
Speech therapy is a treatment that helps develop speaking, language, and swallowing. The speech therapist teaches the individual how to use their voice and muscles to make the right sounds and express themselves properly.
Wellbound therapists and HHAs use various integrative, multidisciplinary therapies to ensure each individuals’ maximum growth. These specialized and progress-focused therapy services encourage the individual’s development of social, fine motor, gross motor, focus/concentration, and physical skills needed for functional well being and development.
A Patient Advocate guides individuals through the healthcare system. Your Wellbound Patient Advocates acts as a liaison between the individual and their healthcare providers, lawyers, insurance companies, and other entities that impact their healthcare needs.

Reaching Goals for Life-Long Success

At Wellbound, our therapists practice and encourage cognitive, interpersonal, mobility, self-care, and communication skills in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

With compassionate therapeutic approaches and a focus on dignified support, we encourage every individual with special needs to feel safe, secure, and happy in their home environment.

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